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The Exelect Full Service

At Exelect we have a special way of reviewing a candidate's past production, qualifications as well as a very effective system of evaluating the candidate's personality and how it fits with the position you want to be filled. We do not only ensure the candidate's have the formal merits and education  the job requires but much more importantly, we ensure the candidate have a past production record from the same or similar line of work and by doing that the security of a good outcome go way up. By the advanced systems and methods we use, we can actually look into and evaluate ALL candidates who applied rather than just looking at received CVs as the only way to select which of the candidates one should do a more thorough evaluation of.  

Any experienced individual in the field of Human Resources know the pain and huge costs connected to hire "the perfect looking individual" only to later realize that this is a person who doesn’t pull his or her weight and who become an actual liability or even enemy to the company. So, how do we determine who is who and thus can advise you how to stay out of trouble and instead get you the person who will really produce?

Well, that’s our job and a by look at the results (see references) from our existing clients it should be clear that we do have the know-how and tools to really help you succeed.

When we do a Fullservice we simply take care of the entire hiring process and that includes the following:

- Creating an effective ad
- Placing the ad in relevant media.
- Receiving and acknowledging the resulting applications.
- Interviewing, via the internet, each applicant who possibly meet your basic qualification requirements.
- Evaluating the candidate's production record and selecting the candidates who are qualified for further investigation and evaluation.
- Running a full battery of tests on above mentioned candidates. These tests normally cover Personality, IQ, EQ (Emotional IQ), Leadership, Aptitude and if needed, our experts can even specifically design questionnaires to check and verify the applicants knowledge of a specialized technical or administrative area.
- Analyzing the test results
- Personally interviewing the remaining candidates which includes a test feed back (normally very appreciated) to the candidate
- Scrupulously verifying references the still interesting candidates have given to ensure they really have the qualifications and production level they claimed.
- Selecting who to present to you.
- Preparing for you a detailed written description of the selected candidates and send it to  you.
- Presenting you with those candidates in a meeting.

Note: Occasionally the perfect candidate is found early on in this process and when that’s the case we make sure you get them presented as fast as possible. The reason for that is that really productive people are normally also productive when they look for a new job and thus wont hang around for a long time waiting for someone to get back to them.
Finally: We also want it to be as easy as possible for you to establish the individual onto his or her new position and thus we supply you with a written evaluation which includes management advise for how you best handle and support this person for a fast take off and successful contribution to you and your organization.

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